<p><p>First Emergency Cream</p></p>


Z-Trauma (60ml)

Laboratoire Mint-e

Z-Trauma (60ml)


<p>Digestive System</p>

<p>Perfect Combo</p>

Sourcing in PRovence and ardeche

The natural ingredients used in our food supplements and cosmetics come from french local regions. Ecocert certification guarantees traceability and attests to the local origin of the raw materials.

Production in Auvergne and Provence

Once the ingredients are harvested, they are transported not far from their place of production, to our laboratories, where they are transformed according to formulations meticulously developed during long years of research.

100% Made In France

Tout nos produits sont fait en France, à base de plants principalement françaises.

Fabriqué in Auvergne & Provence