Laboratoire Mint-e

Immuno4 (30 capsules)


Nutritional supplement based on Shitake, Black Cumin, Anas Barbariae, and Bach Flowers

Contributes to the resistance of the organism thanks to horsetail

Advice for use

For healing: 

One to three times per day.

1 capsule per intake.

In prevention: 

1 capsule per week.

For children, half a capsule mixed with food.


Shiitake*, cellulose (vegetable capsule), magnesium carbonate (E504), horsetail*, oil of black cumin of Egypt*, cider vinegar*, floral water of queen of the meadows*, dynamization of extracts of anas barbariae*, Bach Flower Remedies Crab Apple*, Bach Flower Remedies Centaury*, Bach Flower Remedies Olive*, Bach Flower Remedies Star of Bethlehem*, Bach Flower Remedies Walnut*. 

* Ingredients from Organic Agriculture

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