Nature and Science at the service of our well-being.

Patrick Martini created Mint-e in 2003 in the heart of Provence. A physicist with a passion for plants, he collaborates with numerous pharmacists and botanists for the formulation of each product.

At Mint-e, R&D is essential. All products go through a test phase of several years, in order to perfect their formation and to offer us natural and effective solutions for everyday ailments.

Z-Trauma, a first aid gel, obtained excellent results in a double-blind hospital study and was awarded the Best New Product Award at Camexpo in London in 2007.

A united team.

The Mint-e team is composed of men and women united by common values: a global approach to life, living in harmony with the environment and environment and driven by a constant enthusiasm.

It is developing at the same pace as the laboratory's growth.

"We are what we do over and over again. Excellence is therefore not an action but a habit." - Aristote

Safe products.

We are committed to the first principle of Hippocrates, "First, do no harm". In fact, by using the whole plant, the variety of active ingredients makes the assembly 100% assimilable, therefore without waste or side effects. Thus Z-Flex, whose effectiveness has been tested at the Leon Berard Center in Lyon, has no side effects and can be used by people allergic to paracetamol. Conversely, too high a concentration of a single active ingredient can cause side effects.

Our commitments


From the power of nature

  - Each Mint-e product is totally effective thanks to a global action on the physical and mental. (Use of Bach flowers for a holistic approach).


- Each Mint-e product has multiple indications. They have one or more curative functions and often a preventive function. (Immuno4).

- Each Mint-e product is composed of 100% active ingredients. They are not diluted with water or fillers. (Immuno4, for example, is based on a dynamization of Barbary Duck in shiitake). Each product is a concentrate of active ingredients.

The effectiveness of our cosmetics and food supplements is based on a synergy of different natural therapies:

  - Phytotherapy

  - Homeo-compatible dilutions

  - Aromatherapy

  - Flowers of Bach

  - Potentiated by Silica.


Our products are made up almost exclusively of ingredients of natural origin, most of which are over 80% organic for ingredients of agricultural origin.

As often as possible, we use medicinal plants from biodynamic agriculture, such as wild plants.

We thus contribute to the respect of the environment by encouraging organic farming.

All our cosmetics and food supplements are certified by EcoCert, a quality label.

We source as much as possible locally (in Drôme and Ardèche), knowing most of our suppliers personally and following their cultures directly. We also grow some of our plants in the Alpes de Haute Provence.

The manufacturing of our products is done as close as possible, in Auvergne and Provence.

We are since the beginning supporters of the Circuits Courts. Why?

To reduce our ecological footprint, (short distance between places of culture and production allowing a lesser atmospheric pollution).

For a better conservation of raw materials.

To participate in the dynamism of the eco-responsible economic fabric of the south of France and to maintain local employment.

Our laboratory

Our laboratory is specialized in the transformation of organic plants. It uses the latest technology in the field and is regularly controlled by Ecocert. Our laboratory and all its partners respect all European regulations in force.

The quality control of our cosmetics and food supplements is carried out at all levels of production. The manufacturing process is a major step on which we pay particular attention. The effectiveness of our products allows us to measure the rigor of our laboratory work.