Laboratoire Mint-e

ONEcleanse (150mL)


ONEcleanse: a cleansing, moisturizing, toning, regenerating, exfoliating, make-up removing, moisturizing, nourishing milk.


ONEcleanse is by far the most complex product in skin hygiene. Again, without tap water but only with our floral waters and quality oils. The milk will "work" the epidermis in order to make it less porous because the formation of wrinkles is only due to the loss of water from the dermis because the epidermis does not completely fulfil its insulating function. This product is unisex. Does not sting the eyes. A sensation of cleanliness, hydration and tone is generally felt after use. It is the milk that makes ONEcream more effective.

Mode of use:

Gently massage the milk into dry or wet skin. Cleanse the skin with the moistened muslin wipe, using light circular movements or rinse the face thoroughly.

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